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Read Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles

“For me, completing a novel is a two-part journey. The first part consists of my work—the research, the constructing of the story, the plot, the characters. The second part comes once I’ve finished that draft and my editor steps in. There is nothing better in an author’s arsenal of weapons than an eagle-eyed, sharp-witted editor. I knew after working with Jamie on our first book together that she was a true gem. With not only a keen eye but an imaginative one as well, Jamie’s professional guidance helped me whip a rough draft of a novel into a bestseller. I don’t know what I’d do without her!”

Cindy Miles, bestselling author of Stupid Girl

Read That Thing You Do by Maria Geraci.

“Jamie’s keen eye and professional editing skills definitely helped elevate the quality of my Whispering Bay Romance series. Her patience and gentle persistence in getting the story right were exactly what I needed. Working with her is a complete joy!”

​– Maria Geraci, author of That Thing You Do

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