Jamie Evans is a children's writer and fiction editor.Jamie Evans is a writer and freelance YA and romance editor. She holds a certificate in publishing from the Columbia Publishing Course, and previously worked as the in-house editor for a boutique literary agency. Jamie has also worked as a copyeditor at Forbes Travel Guide and a copywriter for a marketing agency in Atlanta.


  • Editor of Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles, which hit the #3 spot on the Apple Books bestseller list, as reported by Publishers Weekly
  • Editor in chief of Alloy Literary Magazine at Emory University
  • Graduated magna cum laude in creative writing from Emory University
  • Recipient of 2012 Artistine Mann Award in Creative Nonfiction for Best Nonfiction Written by an Emory Undergraduate
  • Original one-act play Is Zoe’s Room Available? was fully staged and produced with Theater Emory, a professional theater company in residence at the university
  • Multiple publications in The Emory Pulse and Alloy Literary Magazine

Blogs and Articles

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